Beale International is always buying used Levis. Levi 501, 505, 517, any 500 series and, of course, Vintage Levis. Our dedication to our suppliers and customers has given us the buying power in the market place to constantly expand and to always be looking for new suppliers. We are buying thousands of used levis every month and we keep growing!

We are always looking to expand our inventory. If you have a large or small amount of Levis please contact us.

Beale International has a wide range of suppliers from Large Thrift Organizations, to Small businesses, and Collectors from all over the USA.

wanted used levi

If you have 1 or 10,000 pairs of used Levis available, please, do not hesitate to email or call. We can have a representative answer any questions you may have. We usually can pay for shipping or have a representative visit your location.

Please contact us today!